Welcome to Creative Project. a.k.a CrePro



First of all

What the CrePro is aiming for!

Welcome to Creative Project Originally this place started out as a Clan blog for LinkJP but has now been reborn as a fan site, with CrePro as its leader.

Creative Project is a space for all those that love Clash of Clans.

We’re fans of the game just like you, and we want to create “something exiting” “that thing that was worth looking for” We can use this place to inform the Japanese community about the “hints and tips” from overseas and vice versa.

Also bringing Japanese created CoC Manga’s Translated into the English Community.

WHY? Because we’re creators.


The creators that move this project.

The writers are so diverse and original.

Their giving me a hard time lol

Started off from October of 2015.

There are 12 creators. All the writers are very unique with much enthusiasm and having editorial meetings over and over.

Those that want to read more about the writers take a look here.


Wont you join us?

Were offering you a chance you shouldn’t reject!

There are many writers that write blogs and articles. Depending on the game lable and the writers way of thinking contents differs and can be one sided.

No matter how wonderful the contents is if no one has the chance to read it it’ll be buried with out appraisals.
No matter how wonderful the contents is if you don’t have power and the knowhow to transmit this info it wont reach the readers and end up buried.
And also no matter how wonderful the article is if you get tired of writing it won’t be recorded for the future.

Please become the contributor.

Creative Project “can” continue to bring your work to many readers.


The Concept of CrePro is “a Bookshelf for everyone to enjoy”

Because CrePro has diverse writers, therefore we can offer contents for diverse readers.

By that one article you create theirs a chief out there that’ll thank you.

If you want to create that one article with us please contact us.




The creators of CrePro refuse all and any donations of sorts.


This can be seen from the fact we don’t have any ads on our sites.

We want to think of us as Japanese Moderators and everything we do is from “love of the game.”

I want to thank all the creators that joined us Thankyou!


LinkJP CORE Creative Project